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Spring Congress

Hello All, My name is Elizabeth Larios, the 2013-14 OSGA President! The past semester was absolutely amazing! To see everyone step up in their leadership positions and flourish has been so encouraging! It was great to see everyone at the leadership retreat in the fall, and then again for our Congress at the Capital! I…

Getting Involved

Hey everyone, my name is Haley Stiles, and I proudly serve as the Secretary of the Oklahoma Student Government Association. I’m sure some of you guys have wondered “what is OSGA and how do I become apart of it?” I went to my first Congress last fall and honestly had no idea what I was…

Announcement of Resignation and Election Details

The OSGA Vice-President has announced his intention to resign at the end of Fall Congress on Nov. 2. This position will be filled by election at Fall Congress. Please click on the button for the official announcement and more information.